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Roofing Services


Commercial & Residential : Shingles and Flat Roofing / Re-Roofing / New Installation/ Inspection / Repair /  Skylights  / Emergency Services & More …

Roof types and the roof pitch or slope will appear to create different appearances depending on the type of roofing material or shingle you choose.


Here are some of the typical roof types.
























Because of the roof type they are installed on, roofs with same material look different from the ground, where you spend most of the time looking at them.


Residential & Commercial Roofing ( Shingles ) :


We will make sure to provide your property with world-class roofing services.


Capital Master Roofing specializes in projects that involve stripping off multiple layers of old roofing, repairing problem areas, and then re-roofing with asphalt, fiberglass or cedar shingles. We will work with the customer to choose the shingles which best match or compliment their house, based on style, design and colors.


Other reasons, which must be measured, are the slope of the roof, the amount of vents, valleys, dormers and the immediacy of tall trees. Capital Master Roofing will help the property holder to make all of these judgments based on proprietor detailed needs.


Flat Roofing Services For Residential & Commercial  :

  - Repairs

  - Roof Replacement

  - Inspections & Maintenance Programs

  - New Construction Installations


Repairing your Flat Roof properly now will stop small problems or leaks from becoming big problems - and it will save you a lot of time and money.

* Extend the life span of your roof

* Prevent damage to other parts of the building

* Protect your equipment, stock and




Flat Roof Replacement

Inspection    Recommendation   Installation
some of the roof issues we inspect and

maintain for you:


  - Built Up Asphalt Tar & Gravel (4-Ply)

  - Glass Felt Built Up Asphalt (4-Ply)

  - Modified Bitumen Membrane (2-Ply)

  - TPO Roof Membrane

  - PVC Roof Membrane

  - EPDM Roof Membrane (1-Ply)

  - Cold Process Application (1-Ply)